What is hosting? Find out now!

What is Hosting? A Short Guide to Hosting

Welcome traveler! It looks like you want to create a website, or at least understand them. I hear you ask “What is hosting?”. Well friend, come on in and I will answer this critical question.

What is Hosting? It’s a Home for your Website

Hosting is where a website lives. You live in a home, and so does your website. The weird thing about hosting, is your website doesn’t live where you live. To make your website available to everyone on the internet, it needs to live on a powerful computer, called a “server”.

These computers work like yours does, but they are set up differently. A server’s main job is to, well, serve things. When someone visits your domain (e.g. www.example.com), the server gives out a copy of your website’s files. Once the visitor has the files, their computer turns it into a website.

Now, you can buy your own server if you have a few thousand bucks burning a hole in your pocket, but most sane people borrow some space on someone else’s server, in exchange for a monthly or yearly fee. Companies that buy and run servers, are called hosting companies, because the host your website for you.

Anyone can start a hosting company, just like a bakery or a bike shop. Some are good, some are bad, and some are very sneaky.

what is hosting banner image of server
A bunch of servers. Woah. That’s a lot of cables.

Do Your Hosting Homework

If you want your website live on the internet, you will need to put your website on a server. Find a good company to host your website. Read reviews, ask lots of questions about what they will charge you, and what you will get for that charge.

There are “free” companies out there, but don’t bother. If they don’t download a virus to your computer, they will put ads all over your website.

Learn More

I wrote a free tutorial on how to make a website, and maybe you want to read more about setting up your hosting and domain.


Hopefully, you know a bit more about hosting, and next time someone asks you what is hosting, you can tell them 🙂

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