Learn how to build a house, uh, I mean, learn what is a domain name

What is a Domain Name?

Howdy! I hope you are having a good morning/afternoon/evening/night. Today, I would like to explain what is a domain name, as well as how it fits into the internet ecosystem. Let me start this tale with an analogy using our good friend, Devanch.


The Domain Name Tale

Devanch made a fortune selling Beanie Babies on eBay, and he now wants to buy a house. He’s always wanted to live out in nature, but decided there are no good houses on the market that match what he’s looking for. So Devanch decides to build his own home.

First, Devanch needs to buy some land. He can’t build a house without land. He picks a parcel just outside of town. Then, he picks a house design and begins to build. It takes a long time, and he is very tired when he’s done, but happy. He now has his own home!

Devanch wants to invite his friends over to celebrate, but he realizes they don’t know how to find his new house! So he talks to the Postal Service, and gets a new address for his new home. His friends come over, and they eat cake and look out all the many windows at the beautiful forests surrounding Devanch’s new home. The end.


Devanch’s journey in building a house, is the same as your journey making a website. You need three things to make a website, just like Devanch: some land, a house, and an address.

analogy of what is a domain name with building ahouse diagram

What is a Domain Name? An Address

In the virtual world, land is hosting, a house is your website’s files, and the address is called a domain name. And that’s all an address is, a way for people to find your website. The nice thing about domains is, you can pick your own address, so long as someone else hasn’t picked if first. To see what’s available, write out a list of ideas, and do a search, and see if your domain is available. While searching, you will see a list of ideas pop up as well, which will help you come up with more ideas.

There’s More to Do Than Just the Domain

Hopefully you have a better idea of what is a domain name now. It just how others find you, but you also need to get some hosting, and actually make the website. I wrote a free tutorial on how to do all this, and how to pick a good domain name. Good luck, and please share anything you make in the comments below!

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