Why Create a Personal Website – 3 Excellent Reasons

Making a website for any reason sounds daunting, and it can be a lot of work. But before you even think about how to create a personal website, you have to discover why you should create a personal website. If you have the right motivation, you will leap over the learning curve. In this article, we will cover the big reasons why others make their own websites, and why you should too.


Creating a Personal Website is Fun

The best things in life are free, but never easy. A website is the same. There are lots of places out there for you to make a free website, but you still have to work hard to make it your own. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. It’s fun to have a place where you get to pick the topic, and decide what things should look like.

When I first moved out of my parent’s home, it was intimidating. Bills to pay, neighbors to deal with, endless supply of errands and grocery getting. But my favorite part was decorating my new apartment. I have endless control over what I put on the walls, the furniture I could have.

This is just like making your own website. It’s an apartment on the internet, for you to decorate and fill with the things that you love and want to see.

Sure it may be a challenge to get started, but once you have the tool in place, and the know-how, you’ll be ready to decorate to your heart’s content.

Creating a Personal Website Needs to New skills

Making a website doesn’t mean learning HTML and CSS. In fact, with free tools like WordPress, it’s easier than ever. But you will still have to learn how to use the tools to make a website.

There’s a lot of decisions to make just to get the website set up, and then you have to actually design it and put in your content. But if you persevere, you will have a new skill. And new skills lead to new opportunities.

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to have a strong online presence for their brand and product. You could be the person who makes that happen. As more and more jobs are lost to automation, you can get ahead of the curve and develop a new skill now that will pay off for years to come.

Have a Hobby? Make a Website!

If your hobby is underwater basket weaving, okay, great. There are people on the internet who want to hear about your adventures. No matter how small of an interest your hobby has locally, somewhere online people will be interested in the same thing you are.

With your own personal website you can connect with these people, and provide a basis for the conversation about what interests you.

And if you make a thing for your hobby, it gives you an avenue to sell what you make, in a low-risk environment. If it doesn’t work out, still have your hobby. But if you find there is a great demand online for what you make, you might be onto a new business!

Putting your hobby website online is a great way to establish if the market is ready for the fantastic things you create.


The internet is a great place to explore and express your passion. And along the way, you will pick up new skills. Even if you don’t use those skills now, at some point someone will need a website, and you can be the one to do it. Once you get over the initial setup of your website, maintaining it is fun, and a great way to show off your passion, and individuality. Start on your website journey today, show the internet what you were made of!

Why Create a Personal Website – 3 Excellent Reasons

On this blog we’ve talked a lot about how you can make a website, and what you need to get started. But we haven’t really answered the big question: why do people create websites? What are they really getting out of it, and if you made a website, would it be worth it to you? In this post we will cover why people create websites, and why you should too.

Money, Fame, Power

It sounds a little cliché, and perhaps a bit jaded, but most websites out there are looking for the same thing humans have always lusted after: money, fame, and power. We’ve always been like this, and perhaps, always will. But it’s not always a bad thing. Let’s look at each point in detail:


Why do people create websites? Money coutning in hands

Why Do People Create Websites: Money

You can make a metric boat-load of money online. Last year Amazon made $321.782 billion in revenue. People are getting used to buying everything from diamond rings to dishwashers online, and there’s every reason to keep doing it.

If you want to make a website to make money, you’ll have a lot of competition nowadays, but find a niche, market hard, and you too can be an internet super-star. (Totally unrelated side note: If you have no idea where to start with an online business, I’d recommended Tim Ferris’ controversial book The 4-Hour Work Week. It might be a load on nonsense, but it definitely changed my view on the internet and work in general.)

People are spending money online. So it makes sense to set up a store there.


Why do people create websites? Fame holliwood star of udo lindenberg

Why Do People Create Websites: Fame

Grumpy cat, Kardashians, Donald Trump. The internet makes people famous. No other form of media can propel a nobody into the limelight like the internet.

And who doesn’t want more followers on social media; Admiring fans to dote on your every tweet? Humans are hard-wired to want to be known and appreciated, and the internet gives us a very powerful (and very superficial) way to become famous.

A website provides a home base for these famous people. A place where they can control the message, and filter the conversation. A famous person’s website is their best advocate, where they can say their piece without anyone interrupting or downvoting them.


Why do people create websites? Powerful man opening pickle jar

Why Do People Create Websites: Power

Ever seen someone run for president, but they didn’t have a website? Do you know of any giant corporations that don’t have one? A website is both a display of your majesty and greatness, as much as a way to influence people. Make them think the way you want them to.

Political movements have powerful websites, as do up-and-coming politicians. Some websites are so powerful, we don’t even think about it as a website.

Powerful website change the way we think about people or a topic, or even shape how we think. As the world becomes more digital, we become more reliant on the power of the internet itself.

Just like fiat currency, our belief in a website’s power makes it powerful. Just using the internet is a powerful (and privileged) action, but if you own a slice of the internet in the form of a website, well, it’s one of the most powerful statements you can make.



The internet is a place where humans can be humans. We don’t suddenly become better just because we invented the internet, we are still motivated by the same fears and desires. But choosing to shape the internet with your own content is the most powerful, popular, and potentially profitable thing you can do. So, why do people create websites? Because they can, and people will listen.


Learn to make your own website for free today.