Why Create a Personal Website – 3 Excellent Reasons

Making a website for any reason sounds daunting, and it can be a lot of work. But before you even think about how to create a personal website, you have to discover why you should create a personal website. If you have the right motivation, you will leap over the learning curve. In this article, […]

Why Do People Create Websites? Money, Fame, Power

On this blog we’ve talked a lot about how you can make a website, and what you need to get started. But we haven’t really answered the big question: why do people create websites? What are they really getting out of it, and if you made a website, would it be worth it to you? […]

Do I Have to Pay to Create a Website?

Everyone’s looking for a way to save money. In the website world, they are tons of ways to waste money. But with so many free services out there, you’re probably asking do I have to pay to create a website? The answer, technically, is no. But, I strongly encourage you to spend money strategically on […]

When to Create a Wedding Website

Oh, boy, a wedding is a lot of work. No matter how small your guest list, it will be a tough road. When planning it out, you need to decide when to create a wedding website. In this post we cover when and why to make a wedding website to make your wedding easier and […]

The 4 Resources Needed to Create a Website

As a website developer, my clients often ask me what resources are needed to create a website. A lot of people want to make a website themselves, but don’t know what they need to do it. In this article, we cover the 4 resources needed to create a website.   Resources Needed to Create a […]

Why Create a Website for Business

If you own your own business, you might be asking yourself, why create a website for business? You may think you don’t have time or the experience to make your own website. Other business spend big bucks on their website, and there’s no way you can afford that. Sure you can use review sites like […]

4 Steps to Install a Website Template In WordPress

Learn how to install a website template to your WordPress website in 4 beginner-friendly steps. Note: this guide is for WordPress only, the free-st and best-est way to make a website. First, in WordPress, templates are called “Themes”. Themes are templates, and templates are themes. When searching for a WordPress theme, make sure the theme […]

What is WordPress? A Beginner’s Guide

Ever heard of WordPress, but don’t know what it is? Learn the secret website developers use to make your website with no code. Website are insanely complicated. There are hundreds of things to think about, and that before you even get to the coding! Form generation, e-commerce, user roles and permissions, content scheduling, community management, […]

What is a Domain Name?

Howdy! I hope you are having a good morning/afternoon/evening/night. Today, I would like to explain what is a domain name, as well as how it fits into the internet ecosystem. Let me start this tale with an analogy using our good friend, Devanch.   The Domain Name Tale Devanch made a fortune selling Beanie Babies […]

What is Hosting? A Short Guide to Hosting

Welcome traveler! It looks like you want to create a website, or at least understand them. I hear you ask “What is hosting?”. Well friend, come on in and I will answer this critical question. What is Hosting? It’s a Home for your Website Hosting is where a website lives. You live in a home, […]